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Aiming to better understand the association of beneficial microbes with plants. 


Research in the Lum lab revolves around understanding the beneficial association microbes have with plants.


Projects range from dissection of the mechanisms involved in the interaction between specific bacterial species and plants, to getting a global view of the diversity in the microbial community associated with different plant species.

Read our recent paper,  “Multiple Copies of flhDC in Paraburkholderia unamae Regulate Flagellar Gene Expression, Motility, and Biofilm Formation”, published in the Journal of Bacteriology. This work is the result of the efforts of the undergraduate student co-authors from LMU and Glendale Community College and reports on a previously undescribed mechanism of flagellar regulation by the FlhDC master regulator. The cover of the issue features an image of P. unamae (at left) taken with LMU’s atomic force microscope.

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